Characteristic design, extraordinary quality and highest precision!

For nearly 40 years wristwatches are the passion of Manfred Starck. From the basics, and from the very first not only a profession, but rather a mission, he learned his business as a watch tradesman with the established German watch company STOWA in Pforzheim. With several steeped in tradition watch manufacturers in Pforzheim, stronghold of the German watch industry, Starck runs through every career step, from the traineeship up to sales manager and to the fugleman of the owner.

When in the year 1990 he decided to establish his own company, Starck already looked back on numerous years in production and in sales of wristwatches. Blindfolded he knows the lifecycle of a watch, beginning with the design, to the production and finally to the wrist of the customer. From the start the concept and the philosophy was affected by three goals: Characteristic design, extraordinary quality and the highest precision.

Against the trend in Germany the company grows from the outset. In order to be able to meet the growing demand, STARCK-UHREN forms only three years later a joint venture with the EUROPE WATCH DESIGN COMPANY in Hong Kong. The philosophy of Starck remains also in this alliance the ultimate benchmark of all affairs. Combined with the dynamics and energy of the rising Asian market, this concept guarantees wristwatches from a high quality at a competitive price.

In the following years STARCK-UHREN grows to the leading German specialist for promotional and private-label watches. Considerable companies, such as Gerry Weber, Shell, Die Deutsche Post, BMW or Mercedes crown their watch collections with wristwatches made by Starck.

Beyond that Starck is setting up a small also however fine assortment of own brands. For four years the flagship of these brands is BWC-SWISS. In 2003 the world-wide agency of the Swiss tradition watch company was transferred to STARCK-UHREN. A new marketing concept and a new collection were presented with large successes. Since then and due to so many years of international experience and relations of Manfred Starck, BWC-SWISS could break into new markets.

Each Starck watch is not just a time measuring instrument, but rather a unique object of great value with an ambitious Design and an extraordinary high quality of workmanship.

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